Training Prices – Twin Tiger Pattaya

Twin Tiger provides you with the best training experience possible. We do this in two ways; we treat you as an individual and tailor the training to your skill level and learning style and we drill in the techniques and train you until these techniques become second nature. To this end all of our training is 1-on-1 with a trainer. We train under the same conditions as a fight, i.e. 5 three minute rounds with a 1 minute break between each round. After your Muay Thai training session with our trainer you then move to the bags to hone the techniques you just learned from our trainer. Our trainers are there for you in and out of the 1-on-1 sessions. After you’ve finished your Muay Thai training with the trainer, they are available to provide additional help as you work the bags. Our trainers are available to help at all times. All prices are in Thai Baht.

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Daily Training Prices

Type Price Per Day Total Cost
1 Session W/Trainer 300.00 300.00
10 Sessions With Trainer 275.00 2750.00
20 Sessions W/Trainer 250.00 5000.00
1 Day No Trainer 200.00 200.00
10 Days No Trainer 175.00 1750.00
20 Days No Trainer 150.00 3000.00